7 Details You Cannot Overlook When Customizing Your Sports Uniforms

7 Details You Cannot Overlook When Customizing Your Sports Uniforms

Customizing your sports uniforms can turn a drab team into a semi-professional or professional-looking sports team. However, achieving that look isn't easy! Here are some tips that will help you with your custom sports team uniforms.

1.       Ordering
Whether this is your first or tenth time ordering mens lacrosse uniforms, there are a few things you need to keep your eye on. The first concern always seems to begin and end with time. How much lead time have you built into your schedule? Have you given yourself enough time to make the choices you need without sacrificing quality, design, or deadlines? Has the vendor confirmed the timeline with you, and does it suit your needs? Poor ordering practices can have an unwelcome effect on the outcome of your uniform order.

2.       Fulfillment time
Getting a clear and honest answer on how long it will take to fulfill your specific order is key to helping you set the expectations of your athletes, parents, and school administration. Fulfillment is often affected by shipping time, payment issues, or even the complexities of your order. Planning for contingencies in advance makes all the difference. Communication with your vendor is critical to getting the required information and passing it on to those who need it, such as coaches or school administration.


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3.       Sizing

Sizing is more critical now than it has ever been. Many womens soccer uniform measurements are from the actual athletes rather than general size categories. You have to collect correct sizing information for your student-athletes to ensure the ordered uniforms fit as they should.

4.       Payment
Payment for mens soccer uniforms can be as tricky as ordering the uniforms themselves. If the uniforms are school-funded, payment can be much easier. However, if the students pay for the uniforms, you’ll likely become the money collector. Don’t forget that this is a process that we can help you with by setting up a school store. When you get in touch with us about sports uniform options, be sure to ask about our school store feature.


5.       Pantone colors
When ordering your custom womens lacrosse uniforms, make sure you know the Pantone color numbers for your school colors. Pantone ensures an accurate representation of colors for your student-athlete uniforms. If you don't know the Pantone colors or the uniform company you have selected does not ask for them, you may get uniforms that don't match your school colors or your existing uniform inventory. If you don't know your colors, your vendor will help you select appropriate Pantone color numbers. The trick is to keep that information handy for your next order.

6.  Are the colors sublimated?
Sublimation is an essential process for you to be asking about. Make sure you understand how the uniforms are colored. If they are not using a sublimation process, your mens ultimate frisbee uniforms will not last as long as you think they will. Sublimation dyes the actual fibers of the uniform. Other coloring methods only add color to the surface of the material. In contrast, sublimation goes deep into the fibers to create uniforms that look as good on the last day of the season as they do on the first.


7.       Graphic files
Having your school marketing information available digitally will make your uniform ordering process go smoothly. Companies will require digitized logos and school-centric design information such as a mascot and school Pantone colors. If your school identity materials are digitized, make sure you gather that information and pass it along when placing your order.

Ordering uniforms is not an easy process. Hopefully, these tips will set you well on your way to a successful order. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have, no matter where you are in the process of uniform ordering.

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