4 Sports Uniform Design Trends That You Can Use

4 Sports Uniform Design Trends That You Can Use

Uniforms can complete a team, giving them a recognizable look while they play. New uniforms can be a great way to get your players excited but designing them may feel daunting. Some recent trends with sports team uniforms have shown some aspects of how to design the perfect one for your team.

#1 – Incorporate Bright, Vibrant Colors into Your Uniform Design

If you want your men’s lacrosse uniforms to be eye-catching on the field, make sure to include bright, vibrant colors. People are unlikely to notice uniforms that have bland and muted colors. The primary color of your team is likely to become synonymous with the team as a whole, maybe even more so than your logo.

By choosing vibrant and exciting colors for your uniform, you can create an identity for your team that players will get excited about. Adding a logo on your uniform is also a great final touch. Logos can make sure that your opponent and those watching you know exactly who you are.

They make sure that nobody has to guess who your team is or where they are from, instead, they simply present that information right on the uniform. Having a visually striking uniform is something that most teams want, and Fourg can work with you to find the best colors and logos for your domestic uniforms.

#2 – Comfortable Uniform Materials

Having a good look is important, but you also want to make sure that your uniforms have a comfortable fit. Your players still need to be able to have a full range of motion while they play. A great way to make sure this is accomplished is by using the best materials for your uniforms.

No matter how good your women’s lacrosse uniforms look, it won’t matter if your team is unable to properly play in them. Some materials may be better suited for different sports, but Fourg has plenty of choices for you to decide from. A great fitting uniform is an excellent way to build a great team.

Fourg has a variety of different options to choose from, so look around and choose the one that fits your team the best.



#3 – Last Names in Your Sports Uniform Design

A great way to make sure your women’s soccer uniform stands out from the pack is to include the last names of players on the back of the jersey. This addition can be a morale boost for your players, along with helping parents see their child on the field.

Having their last name on their custom sports uniform can make your players feel like they’re part of something special, along with creating a shared identity for your entire team.

To go along with this, you can add large, bold numbers to help players be more recognizable by coaches, parents and recruiters.  


#4 – Using Both a Home and Away Uniform Design

Finally, some teams only have one men’s soccer uniform that they wear for every game they play. This works, but it can become confusing if the opposing team has the same-colored uniform as your team. A great way to ensure this rarely happens is by having at least two different uniform types: a home uniform as well as an away uniform.


Another way to work around this problem is by purchasing reversible uniforms for your team. In some ways, this may even be easier, as your players won’t have to worry about carrying two separate uniforms around with them. With reversible uniforms, one set is all they need.





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