4 Must-Have Additions to Your Customized Team Uniform

4 Must-Have Additions to Your Customized Team Uniform

Custom team uniforms not only help a team stand out, but they can also boost morale among players. However, some sports team uniforms definitely stand out from the rest, as they often have extra features and additions that help people notice them. If you are thinking about adopting custom uniforms for your team, consider adding these features.

1. Last Names

Allowing players to have their last names on the back of their men’s lacrosse jerseys can go a long way towards helping each team member feel valued and important. Players may feel more motivated to compete when they know they represent their own name and team.

 Having players’ last names on the backs of their uniforms also has many advantages that may not be immediately apparent. For example, parents may find it easier to identify their children if they can see their names on their jerseys. If your team is made up of young children especially, parents will want to spot their child quickly and easily.

2. Team Logo

Incorporating your team’s logo somewhere on the uniform is an excellent way to give a team a feeling of identity. Everyone on the team will know the names of their teammates, but a logo can provide them with something to look up to and gain motivation from. Logos are also very recognizable, so spectators, supporters, and other interested parties immediately know who you are.

 It may not seem like a big deal, but even a small team logo somewhere on your women’s lacrosse uniforms can go a long way towards inspiring and driving them. Logos create uniforms that are instantly recognizable as well as visually striking, and they build a long-lasting reputation for the team that’s carried both on and off the field.


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3. A Wide Range of Styles
Having one uniform to wear at every game is often enough for most teams, but some teams go above and beyond with multiple uniforms. Often, these are split into one uniform for home games and one uniform for away games. Many teams opt to have one white uniform and another in their primary color. This can also ensure that a team does not wear the same colors as their opponents during a game.

While this is not mandatory, of course, separate mens soccer uniforms for home and away games can help your team look professional, along with helping you stand out. They can also make games a lot easier to follow and prevent a “who’s who?” scenario. If both teams show up to a match wearing white uniforms, it may become difficult for spectators and even players to tell who’s who and what’s going on.


4. Vibrant Colors or Designs
Colors that pop off a womens soccer uniform or unique designs are great ways to ensure that your team is noticed. The first thing people notice about your team is likely to be the uniforms, so it’s smart to ensure that your uniforms are eye-catching. Even if your team’s colors are not the brightest or most flashy, using them in creative ways on your uniform can help make them pop.

Having vibrant uniforms can even help to motivate players. It may not be the main motivation, but most people want their uniforms to look “cool” when playing a game. Getting your players excited to wear a uniform can absolutely carry over into their in-game performance.

 Exciting custom uniforms can be a great way to encourage team unity and bring players together. Adding last names, logos, and colors to a uniform can undoubtedly make a simple jersey a symbol for the team that’s talked about both on and off the field. To learn more about our options for sports team uniforms, please get in touch with us today.

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