4 Key Considerations When Ordering Sports Team Uniforms

4 Key Considerations When Ordering Sports Team Uniforms

Ordering sports team uniforms is no easy task. You need to pick the right  company. You must know the players’ sizing and the coach’s preferences. You have to make sure the sports team uniforms have the right colors and are appropriately designed for the sport. These four considerations will help you navigate the complicated process of purchasing sports uniforms for your student-athletes.

1. Uniform materials 
Textiles matter, especially with sports uniforms. Will they stand up to the use and abuse? Will you be throwing the men’s lacrosse uniforms away after a few games because they aren’t manufactured well enough to endure the use by your athletes? Our materials are carefully selected to stand up to the rigors your athletes put them through while cleaning up nicely at the end of the day.

One of the mistakes you can make is to assume the materials are standard across uniform manufacturers. The truth is they vary drastically from company to company. Many uniform companies use inferior materials to reduce costs. This works well until the uniforms start to fall apart after just a few games, any savings you have realized are suddenly gone, and you have blown the budget you set for your uniforms by the repurchases you have to make to keep your teams going.

Fourg only uses the best uniforms to ensure that if you call us back for a reorder, it isn’t because what we sold fell apart but because you liked what we sold you so much you are back the following year for new uniform purchases.


2. Comfort, style & fit
Protection and comfort go hand in hand. What good is the best womens soccer uniform in the world if it isn’t comfortable enough to wear or the fit is so bad that it affects the athlete’s performance? Knowing the sizing needs of your athletes and selecting uniforms appropriate to the sport goes a long way to addressing comfort and fit. Striking a balance between the functionality you want from the uniform and the desire you have for your athletes to like and use them can be a challenge. Getting comfortable, well-fitting, and stylish uniforms checks all the boxes for today’s athletes, and Fourg can help you through this process every step of the way.


3. Colors
Understanding your color needs can be critical to successful uniform order. Our colors are 100% Pantone compatible. Whether you are picking out home team mens soccer uniforms, away uniforms, or both, we can help you select the correct colors that match your school branding perfectly. Other considerations would be how the color is used in the uniform. Do the colors have to be similar to uniforms in other sports at your school? Are they different for male and female athletes? Uniform color choices can often be tricky when purchasing uniforms, particularly when you aren’t following the same style as last year’s uniform. You can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands with our knowledgeable team and years of experience.




4. Personalization 
Athletes love a personalized women’s lacrosse uniform. Having their names displayed not only pleases them but also helps avoid lost or mixed-up uniforms. Personalization can also help the athlete’s friends and family recognize them quickly. Personalizing uniforms can also provide your student-athletes with a sense of pride and ownership in their school sports program.

Fourg has been providing athletes with uniforms for over 13 years. Let our experience help guide your choices to the perfect uniforms for your school’s athletes. Call us or start your order today!


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