3 Steps You Must Take to Create the Perfect Helmet Decal Design

3 Steps You Must Take to Create the Perfect Helmet Decal Design

Decal and helmet designs look simple upfront, but the devil is in the details as with anything that looks simple. Here are three steps that will help you create the best possible helmet decals you can for your athletes and their lacrosse decals, football decals, hockey decals, or baseball equipment:


1.       Design your helmet – not just the decal.
Decal design starts with the overall look and feel of the helmet. Does the helmet’s design itself impact what decals you can use? What did you like about last year’s decals? What didn’t you like? Do you use decals in addition to the team logo, like achievement decals? What parts of the design do you want to improve or add to?

Fourg can help you through the helmet decal design process every step of the way. We have all the helmet styles on file. We use this information to apply your decal choice to the helmet style correctly. Because of the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years; we help you avoid poor design decisions when the company you are working with doesn’t have the necessary expertise to make your project a success.

While thinking of your helmet design, other things to consider are colors. How many colors does your logo have? Will the helmet color be in the decal? Do you want metallic inks or unique textures added to your decals? Do you want your decal shiny, or do you want some areas to have more of a flat finish? There are many options and choices, from the highly designed options to more universal decals that don’t require a lot of design choices. Fourg can help you achieve any design needs for your equipment, and they can do it all right here in the USA.


  2. Strong materials that last
Materials matter. The later in the season you are, the more chances you will have to discover that inconvenient fact if your decals are made with poor materials. Not all decals are created equal. Our decals can take the punishment of a hard-fought game and a harder-fought season only to be ready for the next. Don’t make decal management your part-time job.

Fourg decals use a thick 16 mil laminated adhesive media, and they are printed right here in the USA. Our American-made decals can stand up to some of the most demanding games and seasons out there. Additionally, our materials have been sport tested and athlete approved to ensure a season focused on what matters.


3.  Consider award helmet decals

When your player makes a tackle or has an interception, a touchdown, a home run, or a goal, make sure you have space on the helmet to include award decals. What a great way to reward your players’ hard work by allowing them to show their past achievements off to fans and opponents.


Trust the Experts in Helmet Decal Design
The Fourg Athletics team are experts in helmet decal design. We have been doing this for over a decade. Our decals are trusted by the best at all levels, from NCAA Division I teams to National teams.

Start your order now or call us today! We are happy to help you through your decal purchasing process.






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