3 Reasons Why Your Helmet Decal Design Should Complement Your Custom Sports Uniforms

3 Reasons Why Your Helmet Decal Design Should Complement Your Custom Sports Uniforms

You begin to see common ordering challenges when you’ve been in this business as long as we have. Sometimes, schools or clubs will cut corners and skip the helmet decal designs. They forget that helmet design and decals tie the entire uniform together. Here are some reasons we feel this is a crucial mistake in an otherwise excellent order.

1.       First impressions
Organized sports are a part of our culture, and indeed, a part of our students’ lives. Because of our extensive sporting traditions, we expect uniforms to look players and the playing field. Uniform colors have to match. Men’s lacrosse uniforms and lacrosse helmet decals have to match. You can't use one shade of orange on the helmet and another on the uniform itself (unless those are your colors!). A team that takes the field with fresh, clean uniforms and consistent coloring and design from top to bottom will give athletes more confidence, and everyone else will have a little more pride in their team.


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2.       Keep your uniforms and helmet decals up to date
If you are replacing part of a sports team uniform, consider replacing everything simultaneously–and don't forget about your helmet decals. You can easily replace helmet decals from year to year and even mid-season if necessary. Women’s lacrosse uniforms will begin showing their age over time, and the best remedy for this is replacing the entire uniform. This allows you to gauge the material's longevity better and ensures everyone looks consistent and fresh from season to season.

Uniform aging is a process in and of itself. Folks responsible for equipment can fairly accurately judge the usable life of a uniform by mere look and feel. You can get more complex by tracking and aging individual uniform pieces in your inventory. Finding the sweet spot between wear and tear, your budget, and your athlete's needs can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns at all relating to your existing uniforms or a new uniform purchase.


3.       Consistency from top to bottom will help your school uniforms stand out
According to the online etymology dictionary, uniform comes from two words:

1.       uni- "one" (see uni-), and

2.       "of one form," from French uniforme (14c.), from Latin uniformis "having only one form or shape."

The two words combined mean one form. Having all your players in the identical uniform gives your athletes and their team the visual consistency spectators expect. Pants and shirts match the helmet colors and football helmet decals for a clean team look. They go a long way toward tying the helmet into the uniforms and school colors. A helmet with torn and aged decals or a helmet without any decals can negatively affect the esthetics of your athletes' uniforms.

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Taking the time upfront to get the details right allows you to focus your time on things other than the look and feel of your lacrosse or football uniforms. With over a decade of experience, we have what it takes to help you with your uniform needs. Call us today or start your order now!


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