6 Reasons You Need to Order Your Sports Team Uniforms and Apparel Domestically

6 Reasons You Need to Order Your Sports Team Uniforms and Apparel Domestically

When ordering sports uniforms and sports team apparel for your student-athletes, many issues can impact you when working with an overseas vendor. Whether it is cost, quality or the simple ability to solve problems when they come up, ordering domestically can make a world of difference. Here are some reasons to consider working with a domestic vendor for your uniform purchases.


1.      Inferior workmanship
Quality of craftsmanship can also be an issue. When you order mens lacrosse uniforms and apparel from a reputable domestic manufacturer, there is comfort in knowing that you will get what you ordered. And, If there is an issue, you will have ample time to resolve it. Overseas manufacturers may promise quick turnaround times, but the quality of the work could be inferior, and you may not discover that until the shipment finally arrives months after you ordered.

Another reason for caution would be that some manufacturers will promise you everything, get your order, and then a few weeks later, if you are lucky, they will notify you that they can't do x,y, or z. Regardless of the solution, at that point, it is probably too late to change vendors, and so you are stuck with what they can provide. The other tactic is not to mention the issues at all. You, unfortunately, discover them once the shipment is delivered to your school.



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2.      High cost of overseas manufacturing
There are many reasons to order your women’s soccer uniforms domestically. When you order uniforms and apparel from a foreign country, you risk long lead times, poor quality, and exorbitant shipping costs.

Lead times can be extremely long when ordering from overseas. It can take months for your order to be delivered, which becomes a significant issue if you need your uniforms for an upcoming event. In addition, if there are any problems with your order, it can be challenging to get them fixed on time.

Quality is another primary concern when ordering uniforms and apparel overseas. Many foreign manufacturers do not have the same quality control standards as domestic manufacturers. At the very least, it can be challenging to determine and track those standards from order inception to eventual delivery.

All of these issues can lead to higher costs in money and time. The easiest way to avoid overseas uncertainty is to purchase your uniforms from a reputable domestic supplier.


3.      Lack of customization
When you order mens soccer uniforms and apparel from a reputable domestic provider, you're guaranteed a high level of customization. You can choose the colors, style, fit, and more. This level of customization may not be possible when you order from an overseas supplier. The challenge with customization is that it's often subtle and yet can make a big difference in the appearance and fit of the garment or uniform. Unfortunately, you may not know what you are getting with overseas manufacturing until you receive it.


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4.    Foreign labor laws
Foreign labor laws help ensure your products are being manufactured in a certified facility that is not using child labor, unfair wages, or unclean working conditions. Domestic labor laws prevent any of this from happening. Ordering your womens lacrosse uniforms and apparel from a domestic vendor will give you the peace of mind that the money you spend doesn’t support unfair and abusive labor practices.


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5.       Foreign Sizing Charts
Foreign sizing charts add to the already complicated process of ordering mens ultimate frisbee uniforms that arrive on time and fit. It’s no secret that American sizing is different from overseas sizing. The issues stem from a foreign sizing system that seems to have no consistent standards between manufacturers and even within a single manufacturer. A large size here could be a 4x with one overseas vendor and a 3x with another. Don’t assume anything when it comes to size with a foreign vendor.   

6.      Samples and mock-ups
Simple things like getting sample uniforms or apparel can be seemingly impossible when working with an overseas company. Not because it can't be done, but rather because of the time added to your ordering process as you work around the overseas logistics. There isn't enough time to work with an overseas vendor for some schools if you need samples of your uniforms and apparel before ordering.

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