Now offering publicDivision

Fourg Athletics is excited to now carry publicDivision! Check out there story below.

Our story grew from a love for lacrosse. 

Growing up it was cool to wear lacrosse shorts everywhere. Whether going to the movie theater with friends, having a toss in the backyard or out to dinner with the family, we always wore our favorite lacrosse shorts. Some of our best stories were captured while wearing them. 

But something happened! We got older, cellphones became a thing, and sublimated uniforms gave rise to infinite design options. “Lacrosse shorts” began to lose their magic touch. They didn’t provide the necessities for the modern lacrosse guy.

We set out to design a short that provided the technical specifications and durability for the most demanding lacrosse players, with the function and style to keep you wearing them beyond the field. 

Lacrosse shorts, leisure shorts, life shorts… 


publicDIVISION is also a metaphor for life and sport.  It represents the line that divides us from being “in the game”, or witnessing some of the games greatest moments.  It also represents our individuality, uniqueness, passions and pursuits. Our apparel is designed to bridge those “divisions” so we can get back to enjoying life's best moments. 

The logo resembles the word "to" used for expressing motion or direction.  The drop of water created by the negative space in the center represents "life" and the overall circle shape represents its universal application.

The logo is a personal call to action.  Our story began with lacrosse, what’s your story?

Justin Lappen