Behind the Brand

Here’s a more in depth look at our thought process behind the rebranding of Fourg Athletics.

To start, Fourg is pronounced “forge” and is derived from our original name, Fourteen Graphics. The FOUR came from Fourteen and the G from Graphics to make Fourg. We chose the word forge to base the company around because it represents a well crafted item that is durable and ready to perform. We couldn’t think of a better way to describe our products. The decision to drop graphics from the name was made when we reevaluated the focus of the company.

When Fourteen Graphics first launched back in 2009, our focus was on offering custom printed apparel, logo design and signage. Quickly our focus changed to athletic uniforms and apparel as we began to work with more and more sports programs and realized our passion for sports and design could come together as a service we could provide. As we continue to evolve in our services, we outgrew the name Fourteen Graphics and needed a name that better represented just what we offer. Fourg Athletics was born and what better way to pay homage to our past than by keeping Fourteen Graphics alive in the new name.


Shield: Our shield remains the same with a slight tweak. The border around the F was enlarged slightly to give a stronger, bolder appearance. The shield was originally chosen as the logo icon because it represents strength and the high level of quality we hold our products to.

Typeface: The bold and rigid typeface was chosen to represent

Date: Established in 2009 was included in the logo to let everyone know that while we did change our name, we are not new to the industry. Years or experience has gotten us to where we are today.

Flag: While we are based in the USA, a minimalist American flag was included to not only represent that but also our lineup of American made athletic uniforms and apparel.

Color: Black and white was chosen to represent our outlook on custom made uniforms and apparel. These items are either made with quality fabrics, or they’re not. They are designed with every detail in mind, or they are not. Too many companies today put quality and service aside just to get the cheapest product they can offer.

Justin LappenComment