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How do I get a mock up?

Please send your request to  with as much information as possible. Please include the following: Team Name, Team Colors, Apparel Requested, Embellishment Style, Ideas, Any Logos. Please keep in mind that while we do send mock ups at no charge, we reserve the right to charge artwork fees if we deem it appropriate. We send out mock ups to those who we feel are serious customers. Please do not take our artwork to other companies to shop around, if we feel that is the case we may ask for deposit before the first proof is sent out.


What are your minimums?

Our minimum order for screen-printed pieces are 12 pieces per design. Our minimum order for embroidered pieces is 12 for apparel and 12 for hats separately. Our minimum order for dye sublimated pieces is 18 pieces per product.


What is your production time?

Our production time may increase due to specific times of the year and with the size of your order. Please contact us to get our current production time, do not wait and assume. On average or screen-printing production time is 1-2 weeks, our embroidery production time is 1-2 weeks and our dye sublimation production time is 3-5 weeks. Please always ask first to save yourself the stress.


How do I start an order?

Once you are happy with your mock up, we will need confirmed approval and a full payment before we can begin production. This is important, so we will repeat ourselves! Production can not begin without artwork approval and the full payment.


I want to use a specific color, can you do this?

Yes, we use the PANTONE Matching System. The PANTONE Matching System is the industry standard for maintaining consistent colors throughout production. If you have a PANTONE color already please share it with us so we can keep your team consistent.


Can I get a sample?

We will happily send out a sample of any item when the order is secured or the sample is paid for. We do ask for a credit card and shipping address before we can ship the item. We will charge the retail value of the item and refund that once the sample is returned.


Will you sponsor my team/event?

Please provide us with as much information as possible and we will consider a sponsorship. The amount of people in attendance (as accurate as possible), the location, the type of event, etc. Do your best to explain every part of the event and we will do our part to help you.


What is your refund policy?

Once production begins we can no longer issue refunds. Production begins the moment we receive artwork approval and a deposit is made. Changes will also not be allowed once production has begun.


What is your return/exchange policy for a team store?

Returns and exchanges are not be accepted in our team stores, as each item is custom decorated to meet the needs of your order and we do not stock the decorate items. In addition, once a store closes, changes can not be made to an order. 






Fourg Athletics offers sponsorships for leagues of all sports and sizes. With our Kickback Program, our league sponsorships are great ways to raise funds for your league events, tournaments, coaching clinics and anything your league may require. No requirements, no headaches. Just easy fundraising for your league.


Fourg Athletics offers sponsorships for all different sporting events. Through monetary sponsorships or by providing apparel and signage, Fourg Athletics can work with you to determine the best option for your event. When submitting the form below, please provide as much information as possible (dates, location, sport, age group, attendance, etc.).


Fourg Athletics offers sponsorships for teams at all levels of competition, skill and sport. We understand the restrictions to starting or maintaining sports programs. We can provide discounted uniforms and apparel to assist in the expenses of running your program. When submitting the form below, please include the sport, location, age/skill level as well as any social media accounts the program may have.


Fourg Athletics offers sponsorships for athletes who are eligible. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and not currently participating in any NCAA sports. Please provide your sport, competition level, age and social media accounts when submitting the form below.


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